-Certified training according to IPC Schemes is conducted by Trainers who have achieved and approved the following qualifications. Trainers should meet the lead auditor qualifications specified in document IPC-PL-11-006 “IPC Management System Auditors” ISSUE7.05.

Trainer Qualification;
– Education: Trainers Must have completed at least secondary education (pre-university/college education).
– Work Experience: Trainers with post-secondary education must have at least 4 years of full-time (or 4 years of part-time) work experience in an accountable position involving the exercise of their technical, professional, or administrative responsibilities.
– Management System Work Experience: Must have at least two years of work experience, including practical knowledge in the relevant field such as the implementation, operation, and control of Management Systems.
– Training: Trainers should have received a minimum of forty (40) hours of lead auditor training (remote, online, formal) in the relevant field. Training can be done through classroom training, e-learning, or other appropriate learning methods. See also IPC-SC-11-002 “IPC Specification for Education and Recognition of Training Providers”.
– Audit Experience: Trainers should be certified by an accredited system certification body and have at least 2 years of audit experience.
– Training Experience: Trainers should have provided adequate basic and internal auditor training in the field in which they will be trained.

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