The application of the candidate of the training provider should be taken with a written (printed or electronic) document, in which the type of training and standards for which it wants to get approval is defined.

Training Provider Qualification for ATP Approval

The training provider should design and deliver training documents and training materials to meet stated learning objectives and to evaluate individuals against these learning objectives in accordance with the Training Specification as Part of Staff Certification Requirements SC-06-013.

Training providers must comply with the criteria set out in the IPC SC-11-02 “Specification on Training Issue 1” document.

Training Provider Qualification;

The training provider should have a legal structure.

The training provider should have the resources (phone, e-mail, website, etc.) required to communicate.

The training provider should have an accreditation (ISO 17021, ISO 17024, ISO 17020, ISO 17025) and/or ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, etc. management system certificate or have documented information and a system that demonstrates compliance with IPC guidelines.

The training provider has enough trainers (at least two persons per standard) capable of providing training (full-time, part-time, or project-based).

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    Publishing Training Provider Approval
    The training provider, whose eligibility has been approved, should be provided with the “training provider approval certificate” and “approval number” and should be declared to third parties through Training providers to provide training and issue certificates.

    The certificate traceability number should be generated by SISBEL for each participant attending training and training, and the certificates should be printed by the training provider.

    The training provider should receive the training approval by entering the SISBEL web portal at least one week before the training dates planned.

    After the training is completed, the training provider should submit the training information for approval by entering the SISBEL web portal and obtaining the certificate traceability numbers for each participant.